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Dear Nacho(s), Could Cheat With You Everyday

Thanks a lot Nacho. I cheat on my diet because of You. Yes NACHO was a real live guy. And here is the story of how Nachos came to be. 

Back in 1943, at the height if World War 11, the US Military had a base across the Rio Grande In Piedras Negras, Mexico. One day a group of military wives on a…


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Our ASSETS Are Bigger Than Ever! Nielsen Says Don't Ignore Boomers!

Yes Our Boomer Babe ASSETS Are Bigger Than Ever. In five years, 50 percent of the U.S. population will be 50+ and will spend close to 50 percent of all CPG dollars yet less than 5 percent of advertising is geared towards them. HELLO!!!  A…


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Guys Looking For Dates On Facebook Check The 'Mother's Pics?

If A Young Guy Is Checking Out YOUR Photo On Facebook He May Be Checking To See How Your Daughter Will Turn Out. SERIOUSLY. See #9 In '10 Ways Guys use Facebook For Their Dating Lives"…


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If 'Hugging' Was An Olympic Sport... The World Would Be A Happier Place

When Hugs Are on the Menu Grab One. Here I am hugging a strange man. What can I say 'Free Hugs' were actually on the menu board behind my head on this day at the Belmar, N.J. Seafood Festival and I ordered one. Think I may have over-hugged here but so what. It made me smile. Hugging is…


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Long Married Couples Re-Spark! 'Hope Springs'

There is nothing worse than being alone in a relationship together. So many couples together through the decades find themselves living like lonely roommates longing for the intimacy like it was 'back when'.…


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This Mercury In Retrograde Thing Ends Today WHEW!

Lately I am flypaper for psychics and astrologers. I don't know why.  As a result I get informed of things I would not otherwise find out. Like I shouldn't sign a contract while Mercury in Retrograde. OK fine. Is it over yet? I have things to do.

Apparently Mercury Retrograde ends today…


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On Anniversaries Of Loved Ones Passed

Every passing of someone we love, rips a little piece of our happy youthful souls away. And on the anniversaries of lost loved ones we are reminded loudly of our loss and our own mortality.…


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A 'Privates' Talk With A Fab Female Gyno

I met Dr. Alyssa Dweck At The American Heart Association Go Red For Women Event At Lv2bfit in Rye Brook, N.Y. We Were Fast Friends. She's a brilliant and funny Ob/Gyn who is quoted extensively this week in an important piece every babe should read, called "Hormones, Menopause and Vaginal Atrophy: A…


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Olympic Sized Order A Pizza Cake

If you're going to the electric chair this would be a good last meal to stall with. 'Mo'…


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Still A Babe Supports USA Olympic Swim Team 'Call Me Maybe' Video

'Definitely'( Not Maybe) Watch This Video! A Huge Thumbs Up To Our 2012 USA Olympic Swimming Team On This 'Call Me Maybe' Lip Sync Video they made to blow off a little steam prepping for The London Olympics!

Team members Alyssa Anderson, Kathleen Hersey and Caitlin…


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Birthday Babes 'Shake Up' Kick Off Party At Salute' In NYC

Last Night Was A lot Of Fun. Two babes born on the same day, Me & Brigitte Britton celebrated together with friends (and many more we could not fit in one picture) at Brigitte's 'Mega Way East Coast Launch' at at one of my all time favorite…


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Mega Nutritionist & Organic Chef Babe Launches Revolutionary Power Shake

When Brigitte Britton and I discovered we were born on the same day, the same year, and the same hour, in different countries we bonded for life. How could I not trust a Nutritionist Organic Chef Babe with…


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Baby Boomer Women in Social Media 'Stepping It Up'

Just Read About Beverly Mahone. She's hosting the 4th Annual 'BOOMER WOMEN’S Social Media Summit' in November in Raleigh, NC. She's also the author of 'How To Get On the News Without Committing Murder'.  LOL

Beverly's upcoming day-long event will bring “women…


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Celeb Psychic Thomas John Birthday Babes

Thomas John, The Top Celebrity Psychic in NYC, Predicts A Lot Of His Female Clients Would LOVE 'Still A Babe'. He's psychic so he must be right. 

Psychic Thomas John, whose celeb clients include J Lo, Courtney Cox and the like, thinks I'm funnier than Joan Rivers (is anybody…


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My Palm Tree Dropped Dead

You Know It's Hot When Your Palm Tree Drops Dead.

Wow. What A Surprise. I Thought Palm Trees Were Immune From Heat Stroke. When I Came Home And Opened The Door Last Night I Found The Poor Dear Flat Out On The Floor.…


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Summer Mondays Are Tough For Thinking

Brains Everywhere Catapult Back Into Productivity On Mondays After Hot Weekend Summer Days And Nights. However, I Have Heard That Some Brains Take Until Tuesday To Fully Re-Engage. Not Sure There's Much That Can Be Done Except Wait It Out.…


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50 #1 Summer Songs! Which Gives You A Rise?

Many a 'babe in training' will be reminded of a HOT summer when she hears this summer's #1 Hit Song “CALL ME MAYBE” down the road of life.

Canadian Pop Star Carly Rae Jepsen's song has more than 140 million plays on You Tube.  Infectious lyrics! "Hey I just met you, and this…


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Nationwide we're hoping for good weather tonight so as not to interfere with our personal Fireworks Festivities. Where's the hot spot in your town? Here in NY the big kahuna of displays is of course the Macy's 4th of July Fireworks in NYC. For the first time ever I'm going to…


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Work Week Reminder "Don't Honk At Old People"

This is an oldie but goodie. It's been around since 2006 and yet I never saw it. Figured maybe you didn't either. Cracked me up. Thanks to fellow babe Barbara for sending it in. Nothing like a good laugh on a…


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HOT New Book 'Beddington Place' From Fellow Babe & Sexpert Eve Marx

On "The Debbie Nigro Show "Today ! Leave it to our fellow babe and professional 'sexpert' Eve Marx to come up with this steamy book cover! Can't wait to read what she's stuffed between it's covers - or who she puts…


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