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Writer and filmmaker Nora Ephron died at the age of 71 in Manhattan Tuesday. She was inspiring, witty, and hilarious. In a nutshell, exactly the kind of babe we love and will miss.

She leaves behind an endless abundance of quotes  in her books, movies, and essays. Here are a…


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Rubber Of The Month Club? 'Upperware'?

Heard Of 'The Rubber of the Month Club'? I Thought It Was 'Tires' Until I Read That It Was Created To Help Save Ladies & Gents from Awkward Checkout Experiences and the Spread of STDs. This new service delivers quality condoms at discount prices…


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Babes & Babies Now Get Similar Birthday Gifts

This made us laugh. Two babes in diapers. Ageless Birthday Babe Barbara (right) models her birthday present along with babe pal Kathy (no last names to PROTECT the models though it's obvious they already have 'protection' here.)

Just one of the many ways to…


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"Never Retire Just Rewire!" - Dr. Ruth

Dr. Ruth Westheimer, Beloved Sex Therapist, Now an 84 Year Old Babe, Is Not Done Talking About Sex Yet! In Fact Any Minute Now You'll See Her Line Of Low Alcohol Wine On The Market Called Dr. Ruth's 'Vin Amour' Created to Relax You So You Can Have Even More Sex.

Dr. Ruth's…


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Great Now Spray Tans Can Kill You

Might As Well Go Straight To The Beach And Burn. The latest news on Spray Tans is DARK.…


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Annual Trip Now Has 'Ageless' Trip Ups

Annual Traditions are great but the annual visit to the Belmar, NJ Seafood Festival  is starting to resemble that joke about the friends who meet every decade…


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Top 10 Things 'To- Do' On Your 'To- Do' List

A New LinkedIn Survey Reports 89% of Professionals Admit They Are Unable To Complete A 'To-Do' List. I am one of them. Here's My Handy Guide To Not Completing Your 'To-Do' List Either...…


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"Still A Stud"! AARP Lists Sexiest Men Over 50

"Still A Stud" ! AARP has just come out with the 21 Sexist Men Over 50. Obviously we babes don't own the market on 'ageless and timeless' and so we give the fellas their turn to shine today.

Based on the total package I pick Number 4! Jon Bon Jovi. And Your Favorite…


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My Stinky Private Thoughts After Running Over A 'White' Skunk

Anybody else ever run over a white skunk? Very Relaxing.

Heading home last night at 11pm I was driving at about 30mph on a dark street two blocks from my house when a WHITE skunk shot out in front of my car. A white skunk? OMG Is there such a thing? No time to even think about hitting the…


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Dear Abby, Where Did You Say All The Single Middle-Aged Men Are?

Caught this 'Dear Abby' column this week and had to re-post for your amusement.

Middle-aged, single men aren't that hard to find.

Dear Abby | Abigail Van…


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Lest We Forget...

Memorial Day is a day of remembering the men and women who died while serving in the United States Armed Forces.

Please take the time today to honor those brave souls who gave their lives to protect OUR freedom.…


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Deb Tips For Spontaneous Road Trips

Tis The Season To Jump In A Car And Just GO Have An... Adventure! 

Last week I was thinking about one of my favorite places on the planet. Sag Harbor, N.Y. My buddy Adrienne always goes out there to stay with her sister Sharon, here in the picture with me by the harbor showing off…


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Maria Shriver's Commencement Message = "Pause"

Babe Maria Schriver Delivers Ageless Wisdom In Her Commencement Speech to the recent Graduates of of USC. Caught this on Marlo Thomas' website. Maria's advice happens to apply to all of us who are always anxious about…


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RIP Donna Summer 63 'Last Dance' So Sad

Wow Donna Summer's passing at 63 from cancer today really hit home. The "Queen Of Disco" was such a big part of all of our lives. Thank You Donna Summer For Every Smile You Brought Every Time "Last Dance" Played. You Made Us All Get Up and Dance. Life was more fun because of you.  Dim All The Lights", "Hot Stuff", "Bad Girls", "Sunset People", "On The Radio", "The Wanderer", "Love Is In Control", "She Works Hard For The Money", "MacArthur Park", "This Time I Know…


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Linda Hogan 52 'Suddenly' Realizes Boy Toy 23 Won't Marry

52 year old Linda Hogan has officially broken up with her 23 year old boy toy Charlie Hill, after realizing marriage just wasn't going to happen. Here at we never want to judge another babes choices when it comes to her happiness, HOWEVER, we could probably have predicted this was not going to be a long term marriage.…

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Babes On RED Alert

Go Red is the New Black! Awesome gathering of Babes in Red last evening at a photo shoot for The American Heart Association taken at the cool Lv2bfit store in Rye Brook, N.Y. ( I am behind the pole for some reason in the group shot here LOL but happily …


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Stuffing Into Special Occasion Dressing

This picture reflects how I feel lately when I get dressed up for a special event. Like a sausage. 

I don't do 'Dress Up' well these days. It makes me anxious. Figuring out what to wear is not the problem - it's more about figuring out what to wear under it.…


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Funny 'Super Babe' 110 Says Attitude Is Key (Oh Yeah And Stay Single)

If you really want to know the secret to longevity you've got to spend a few minutes here with Ruth Lieber who turned 110. She's one of 450 living 'Super Centenarians". "Still A Babe" for sure, Ruth proves I'm right on with my message that aging well is all about Attitude! She adds the more you can…


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'Fifty Shades' Author 'Stunned' At Reaction- Couples Happily Stunned Too!

Caught This Fun CNN Video on the Facebook page of Founder Elyssa Stern. hosted a HOT event for “Fifty Shades of Grey” author E. L. James in Bethpage Long Island, NY this week. James is HOTTER than HOT. As are her 'mostly female' readers! But not for…


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'The Kissing Sailor' a new book just out claims forensic proof of the identities of the couple in the iconic end of World War II photo.…


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