This week we are finally able to breathe easy and relax because Venus, the planet which rules the finer things in life, love and also money will finally go direct in motion on November 18Th. Along with Venus moving forward the planet of luck and abundance, Jupiter, which has been retrograde since July will also go direct in motion on November 18Th. Should we all play a number, go to the casino, flirt with an interesting someone and spend the day celebrating that these two usually beneficial planets are now direct? Pop the cork on the champagne and get ready for some abundance 'cause it is on the way. Look to the Full Moon in Taurus on the 21ST as a sign that any aggravation left over from last week will soon be coming to an end. We should all be feeling very Babe-a-licious.

As Above, So Below"~Hermes

For a top shelf blend of some cosmic advice also read your rising sign if you know what it is. Remember that the stars and planets are there to be our designated emotional drivers when we need to find our way through life.

Here is your personal Cosmic-politan for the week:

You win some and you lose some. So is life. Remember that in the end of it all every dog has his day and now that Venus will be doing an about face and going forward in your seventh house of friends, frenemies and partners any past misunderstandings may soon be worked out. Your splash of tarot for the week is the Page of Cups (reversed) showing a temporary setback. Don't be fooled by flattery. A loved one may become over dependent on you.

Going once. Going twice. Don't let others try to manipulate you concerning and financial agreements. Stick to your guns and hold firm. Your ruling planet, Venus, will be direct in motion by the weeks end insuring that money matters stay favorable for you. Your splash of tarot for the week is the Moon card (reversed) showing a deception found out before any damage is done. Don't let others take advantage of you.

Opps! Someone may have let the cat out of the bag concerning a personal matter. Look at it this way, sooner or later everyone would have found out about your not so secret,secret. Now that Venus is about to turn direct after a long backward spin both money and health matters should improve for you and those closest to you also. Your splash of tarot for the week is the Eight of Cups (reversed) showing a discontinuance of effort. Abandoning something for the sake of something better.Indolence.

Now that Venus is about to go direct in your fourth house of house and home, you can finally get started on some of the home improvements that you have been wanting to make. An older person who may have caused you some concern over the past few weeks is now in better shape than you are so go relax. This week you will be glad to get back into your regular and hopefully uneventful routine. You have had your share of upsets and excitement for awhile. Your splash of tarot for the week is the Lovers card indicating love,trust and happiness all fill the air. Pleasure in daily existence supersedes all problems.

Communication once again flows now that Venus is about to turn direct in your third house which rules contracts, short trips, correspondence, writing and the gift of gab. You have about three weeks to get all your deals in order because Mercury , the planet of mix ups and confusion will once again be going retrograde. Do we ever get a break? Your splash of tarot for the week is the Four of Cups showing that a stationary period is about to come to an end. Material success does not allay discontentment.

This week will be a dream compared to last week's nightmare. Everything hitting all at once may have left you feeling like you were on a roller coaster ride. Settle down,catch your breath and tackle one thing at a time this week and you will see that everything gets done in one way or another. Mend a bridge with a friend who may have mistaken your concern as a criticism. Your splash of tarot for the week is the Star card (reversed) showing unfulfilled hopes. Pessimism and a lack of opportunity lead to letdown. Waiting for a better business experience to present itself for you.

Finally! Your ruling planet Venus is going direct this week which will be putting a much better spin on your personal life. A confusing situation concerning a matter of the heart will finally be settled to your liking. Your Libra charm is the ticket to happiness this week. You know what they say: When you are charming then you become disarming. Use your sweet talking skills when you want someone to lower their guard. Your splash of tarot for the week is the Eight of Swords (reversed) showing that problems from the past may leave you feeling depressed. Hard work pays off.

The Full Moon along with both Venus and Jupiter turning direct later in the week help you decide what to do concerning a very special someone. Lovers sometimes don't transition too well into "just friends" so weigh the situation out carefully before complicating your life and their life. Focus on what is ahead instead of looking back. Your splash of tarot for the week is the Seven of Wands showing success and overcoming problems.Things work out to your advantage and talks should go well for you this week.

The social whirlwind that you have been in recently will soon settle down into a more manageable scenario. You certainly don't have to check out the lost and found department when looking for some "mojo" because it seems to find you. A behind the scenes situation comes in to better focus at the time of the Full Moon at weeks end. Your splash of tarot for the week is the Knight of Pentacles showing a responsible and reliable person. Patience pays off more than persistence. Get and stay organized.

Career matters are looking up for you this week but your personal life could use a little shot of excitement. Make time to play especially now that Venus, the ruler of your fifth house of fun and games, is going direct. Don't get too caught up in a boring routine but rather try and wing it some days. Living in the moment is very liberating. Your splash of tarot for the week is the Strength card showing that you have control over a situation. Courage,fortitude and conviction are your main stays this week.Your confidence leads to accomplishment.

The past few weeks may have been harrowing for you but now that Venus, Jupiter and the Full Moon will be rallying together by the end of this week you should be able to look back and smile at all of your recent past accomplishments. Bolt the door closed if an "EX" should try to snoop around to see what you are up to. Don't give anyone a key to your place because they will be sure to make a copy for themselves. Your splash of tarot for the week is the Death card ( doesn't mean death but rather transformation.) Clearing away the old to make way for the new. Alteration and abrupt change may leave those around you feeling confused.

Contracts and money are the topic this week and the Full Moon emphasizes the legal angle on all documents. Read the fine print and insist on an escape clause should you ever decide to move on. Mercury will be going retrograde in roughly three weeks so sit down and hammer out any details now to avoid any confusion at a later date. Get the paper work out of the way so you can get back to business as usual. Your splash of tarot for the week is the Page of Swords showing that you are very adept at perceiving the unknown. Stay alert to avoid getting screwed over. Look before you leap.

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