Nice week to get straight from the "lip" communication going. Communicative Mercury just moved into the sign of Sagittarius giving us the optimism to speak the truth even if it means that we may not be the most popular kid on the block by doing so. Try not to put your foot in your mouth because "heels" are a bitch to swallow. We only have about a week or so left of the Venus retrograde which means that any hell that broke loose with finances and relationships will be coming to an end-we hope! Now is also a good time to start to think about holiday shopping because Mercury will be going retrograde in a few weeks which means that we will be subject to the confusion from it's backward spin. Returns, replacement,repairs and re- doing are just a few of the things that might befall us during Mercury's retrograde. Make holiday plans early to avoid any mishaps.

As Above, So Below"~Hermes

For a top shelf blend of some cosmic advice also read your rising sign if you know what it is. Remember that the stars and planets are there to be our designated emotional drivers when we need to find our way through life.

Here is your personal Cosmic-politan for the week:

You may find that you have the opportunity to set the record straight concerning a troublesome situation. Is it about the destination or is it about the journey? You managed to stay the course despite harsh critics and dealing with problematic people and situations. Pat yourself on the back for a job well done. Your splash of tarot for the week is the Eight of Wands showing sudden progress and movement. Messages are delivered to you instantly so don't make any hasty decisions. Think things through.

Time to talk money. The amount of money you put out needs to be off set by the amount of money that you pull in. Don't be shy. Ask and it is given. New friends prove to be golden and just what you need in your life to get your creative and social juices flowing again. A past love may still haunt you but in your current happy frame of mind you really don't care as much as you once did for them. Keep trucking! Your splash of tarot for the week is the Five of Wands (reversed) telling you to look out for a complex involvement with a tricky person. Don't let anyone use dispute for their own personal gain.

Make sure that someone didn't pull a fast one on you concerning some important papers that you dealt with over the past few months. Don't be fooled into thinking that you "owe" someone something when you really don't. A sharp eye and an even sharper tongue lets someone know what you think of their recent stunt. Your splash of tarot for the week is the Four of Cups telling you not to let past memories haunt you. Move past an unhappy experience and don't stay stationary when movement is a better option for you. Getting stuck in the past will only slow you down.

Work may be on your mind more so than ever but don't let it run down your health. It feels good to be busy and productive but make sure that you make some time for yourself too. It seems to be a real toss up between making low key holiday plans and the extreme of over the top festivities. Toss a coin and be satisfied with your decision and if you get your wish I'm sure that you will opt for the peaceful less hectic holiday plans. Your splash of tarot for the week Eight of Cups (reversed) showing effort continued until full success is gained. Happiness and friendly gatherings are in store for you.

Keeping yourself busy is never an option but rather a way of life. You don't even have any time to feel sorry for yourself for being so stretched to the limits. The idle mind is a playground for the devil but in your case the devil is on a permanent "time out." Do things get easier as we go along or do we just learn not to worry as much about getting everything done in a New York minute? Your splash of tarot for the week is the Queen of Pentacles (reversed) telling you not to get too caught up with taking care of someone else's responsibilities, especially if they are financial. Sharp instincts tell you who to trust and who to give the boot.

Fixing up and sprucing up your environment always gives you a nice high because cozy comfort is like "crack" for a Virgo. You may be entertaining a few unexpected guests this week so keep the fridge full and the wine chilled. A recent run in with a pushy person is now water under the bridge. Your splash of tarot for the week is the Five of Cups letting you know that a friendship without real meaning is really no big loss. Your keen eye spots the flaws and imperfections sometimes at the risk of losing sight of the beautiful view. This week ease up a little.

Time to talk "turkey" and make those Thanksgiving Day plans. A pain in the ass type of person may leave you hanging when it comes to accepting your invitation for the holidays. Don't let anyone hang you up because in the long run and after some aggravation they will be at the dinner table. If you don't currently drink then now is a good time to start! Your splash of tarot for the week is the Chariot (reversed) showing you to be prepared for a sudden change in plans. Don't become overwhelmed by unexpected changes but rather go with the flow.

Nice deal! It looks like some money may be heading your way and it couldn't arrive at a better time. A sudden burst in your popularity puts you in the limelight. It's about time that the spotlight shines on you especially sine you are often the one doing all of the work behind the scenes. Your splash of tarot for the week is the Moon card showing that your sharp instincts keep you from being taken advantage of in a business situation. You can smell deception and dishonesty from a mile away. Insist on seeing the financial records and books.

Try to curb your enthusiasm this week when it comes to repeating some news. Be careful that you don't accidentally tell a "town crier" too much information and then wind up doing some damage control. Mercury moving through your sign promises to bring you tons of communication, texting, emails and opportunities to be out and about. Don't over commit or you'll have to figure out how to be two places at one time. Your splash of tarot for the week is the Ten of Cups showing that you have a lot of support from both family and friends. Happiness and contentment are yours this week. A career offer may come your way too.

Behind the scene meetings and talks go very well. Don't jump ship from a proven situation until you have all of the facts about a new opportunity. You don't have to take every offer that comes your way but it is a good idea to check new things out from time to time. Take care of a pain in the ass legal or government situation like taxes or that ticket that you forgot to pay. Your splash of tarot for the week is the Star (reversed) showing that someone may be disappointed if you turn down an offer made to you. Pessimism about a new situation needs to be researched more before any final decisions are made.

Your ingenuity has been noticed by the right person and your ideas are soon to be put into action. You know how to schmooze with the best of them and can even give die hard bullshitters a run for their money. You are the real deal. What you say you can also make happen. It pays to be popular as you are finding out. Your splash of tarot for the week is the Knight of Pentacles telling you to be responsible in financial dealings. Finish the task at hand before moving on to something new. This is a good week to get organized.

Stop bitching about a situation that you don't like. You have the power to say "yes" or "no" so the choice will always be yours. The tail end of this Venus retrograde may have given you the opportunity to have a second look at how you spend your money and who you spend your time with. Tightening the belt both financially and emotionally may be a good idea. Don't let anyone guilt trip you into overdrive. Your splash of tarot for the week is the Five of Swords telling you not to let sentimentality weaken your will. Don't let others take advantage of you.

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