Well what do you know? Here we are starting the week with a nice New Moon which serves as an excellent time to start new projects,diets,exercise programs,relationships and any other "new you" type of efforts. One of the coolest things about the New Moon in the sign of Pisces is that it is the perfect time to meditate, go inside of yourself, connect with your own intuition and reacess how well you keep boundaries. Boundaries seem to be a problem for most of us Babes who find ourselves doing things and extending our energies above and beyond the call of duty. Since this New Moon is in a water sign it is apt to make you want to formulate new plans that are more of an emotional nature but just remember to keep both feet on the ground and not get too carried away by the "EMO' in you.

"As Above, So Below"~Hermes

Here is your personal Cosmic-politan for the week:


You seem to be getting things back on track for yourself this week and you even seem to vibe to the more hectic pace. You may still be scratching your head wondering what the hell the past few weeks have been about as you were blocked at every turn. Change is in the air for you so if you have been thinking about moving, now is the time to get going. Your splash of tarot for the week is The Devil card (reversed) showing that you will soon have a release from bondage ( you kinky Babe) and begin to reach toward enlightenment. Divorce? Empty nest? Loan modifications? In any case the change will be liberating.


Go ahead and spoil yourself. You deserve it. Some good news about some unexpected cash may turn up for you this week and that definitely calls for a "spa day." Stop worrying about that fair weather friend who just seemed to drop off of your radar over the past few months it seems that they have their own agenda anyway. Arts and entertainment are in store for you this week but what the heck? Love,sex and rock n' roll count too. Your splash of tarot for the week is the Ten of Cups showing you that there will be contentment around the abode and no one loves their home more then a Bovine Babe.


This is a week for you to take advantage of some great bargains including clothes,furniture,restaurants and even professional services. Hey, there is a lot to be said for a cosmetic surgeon or a divorce attorney that doesn't want you to give them your first born. While you are out and about you just might spot someone who would rather not be spotted (clandestine affair maybe?) Zip your lips and ignore the urge to gossip. Let your Babe friend find out on her own that she's involved with a rat or you risk being caught in the soon to happen anyway crossfire. Your splash of tarot for the week is the Nine of Pentacles showing you that you accomplish much through discernment,discretion and by exercising caution. Loose lips sink friend-SHIPS.


Don't let your emotions get the best of you this week and take over your naturally sensitive nature. A house guest may have over stayed their welcome and now you feel guilty for wanting them to "get the hell out of your space." Stop with the guilt already but while you're still feeling a little guilty go ahead and contact that person from your past and see if you can mend some bridges. The New Moon offers the best opportunity for you to start over on the right track. Your splash of tarot for the week is the Judgment card advising you that now is a good time to forgive and move on. Improvement and developments for your past efforts offer you a rebirth.


Keep going,keep going..even if you don't quite see it the bottom line is that you are still making progress. Sometimes new ventures are like walking through a mine field never knowing what might set off next. A new associate finds you very interesting so I'm giving you the green light to "go flirt your ass off." How do you plan on fitting a relationship into your already over booked schedule? You may find that your dates are more like scheduled appointments with cocktails. Your splash of tarot for the week is the Seven of Pentacles (reversed) reminding you to chill out and stop feeling anxiety,impatience and uneasiness over your economic situation. Your successful dealings with back pocket "Who's Who" connections will pay off.


You may be thinking of how you would like to spice up your relationship with your partner ( just don't use causes flatulence) and there is nothing more appalling to a Virgo than a lover who keeps "ripping some mean ones."This should turn out to be a very nice week for you as someone special takes the time to remind you how much you are loved and appreciated. You see, progress from past efforts did not go unnoticed. Your splash of tarot for the week is the Seven of Cups (reversed) showing you that you made intelligent choices and your determination to see things through brings you closer to your goals.


One foot in and one foot out. This week you have to step away from the situation, look at all the facts and see where you have to make some changes. As much as you hate to make choices the time has come to pick your path. Emotional upheaval may affect your health so don't hesitate too much longer. You have plenty of Babe friends who are more then willing to lend you their support as you maneuver through a tough spot. Your splash of tarot for the week is the Fool card (reversed)showing you that hesitation and indecision may lead to failure if you fail to diligently proceed toward a better opportunity for yourself.


Leave all of your options open since this week's New Moon in Pisces puts you in the Fun House. Hey, at least it is better then being in the Nut House ,which by the way, you may have felt like your were a resident of over the past few weeks. Kick any crazy drama to the curb, roll your shoulders (instead of your eyes),relax and have some much needed fun this week. You splash of tarot for the week is the King of Swords indicating that you will be dealing with a man who is experienced (always a plus), proficient in his field, analytical and having many ideas and designs.(Lawyer maybe?.Architect? Designer? Stylist?)


Look at all of the facts before deciding to bring a certain relationship to the finish line. It seems as though things have not resonated with you for a while even though you continued to go through the motions. When trivial matters start to become a source of contention ( Translation: You keep picking a fight over little crap),then heed the signals and nicely move on. Your splash of tarot for the week is the Moon card (reversed) showing you that a minor deception is recognized before any damage is done. Who's taking advantage of you?


Communications about contracts,agreements and concepts are highlighted this week. You have a month to finalize any important deals or commitments before that little bugger of a planet,Mercury, goes retrograde again. Should you decide to make any major moves be sure to consider the temporary disruption that usually gets thrown in with the deal too. There's nothing worse then misplacing that damn phone charger. Your splash of tarot for the week is the Fool card which brings you a new adventure. Enthusiasm about a new offer with unlimited possibilities may cause you to temporarily get a little caught up in some unrealistic expectations.


Someone may be giving you mixed signals. Don't assume you know what is going on until all the cards are on the table. Your personal magnetism is high which could explain why you are like a light bulb attracting some needy moths.You know who I mean. Don't be so eager to share a secret. Someone who has a dull life may try to add a little spark to their dry conversations by repeating things told in confidence. Keep your friends close but keep your enemies like you would the dark and fed lots of bullshit.Your splash of tarot for the week is the Star card (reversed) reminding you not to get too pessimistic while you are waiting for the right opportunity to arrive.


This week's New Moon in Pisces is all about you.This is an excellent time to get projects underway,especially the one big one that you have been putting on hold for the past few months. Curb your tendency to get distracted by little things and keep your focus on the bigger picture. You make a recovery from little financial set backs as money starts to flow your way. Hey, you buying the drinks this week? Your splash of tarot for the week is the Seven of Cups reminding you that unrealistic attitudes and daydreams can cause delays. Don't get too caught up in something that looks good but has no substance. Save your fantasies for the boudoir.

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